Company Profile                                                  

Since the incorporation of the company in 2008, we have followed two buzzwords of modern business Trends - Efficiency & Quality. The heights we have achieved during our service tenure are just because of our client centric attitude.

Electronics Sector,
Auto-Mobiles Sector,
FMCG Industries,
Real Estates,
 Airlines, Hospital,
 Shopping Malls,  ,
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We are based in Ludhiana working as one of the North India's leading Manpower Recruitment Agency.
Our functions range from –
Advertising the opportunity
Soliciting resumes from candidates
Filtering the resumes to select only the most suitable candidates
Conducting the preliminary discussion with the candidates

We are the medium between the job-seeker and the hiring organization. We realize that the success of any organization or venture/project depends largely on the quality of the people working on it. Over the years, we have gained enough experience and have acquired the necessary skills to fulfill our clientele’s needs. It is no wonder that we have through our effectiveness and quality of service, established long term relationships with many reputed companies.

We have an exhaustive computerized data bank from which candidates can be sourced very quickly and easily. Immediately on receipt of the confirmed job order and the job description from our clients, we source the candidates through our data bank. Within three months from the date of appointment if the candidates are found unsatisfactory, we would replace them at our own expense. The appropriate candidates are put through preliminary interview by our experts.